• CA20FP Digital Alcohol Detector with or without Mouthpiece

The mouthpieceless alcohol tester CA20FP is the best performing alcohol test in the PREMIUM category, with useful functions and superior technical characteristics, present only in professional breathalyzer devices. 

High quality alcohol test at an affordable price. Easy to use, with no maintenance costs 

Alcoholtester suitable for small and medium-sized companies with an average number of employees. Using the CA20FP alcohol-tester, OSH officials will prevent and reduce the number of work accidents caused by alcohol consumption. 

The new CA20FP digital alcohol tester, with professional electrochemical fuel sensor, is especially recommended for companies that want to determine the blood alcohol level of their employees.

Thus, those responsible for labor protection will prevent, reduce or even completely eradicate accidents caused by alcohol consumption at work.

Implementing a ZERO Tolerance Policy on Alcohol Consumption at the Workplace should be the NUMBER 1 strategy of every security manager.

Mouthpieceless CA20FP alcoholtester makes fast blood alcohol tests in hygienic conditions

The measured values ​​(positive or negative) will be converted into two types of messages on the display:

PASS   No Alcohol      or      FAIL   Alcohol Detected

By activating the passive test mode, a large number of measurements can be made in a short time, about 1 employee tested in 5 seconds. Of course, the device can also take measurements with a mouthpiece, for accurate determinations.

Why buy the CA20FP alcoholtester 

  • it has the latest electrochemical sensor and high precision class, providing precise and correct results 
  • the reliability of the detection sensor is for at least 5,000 measurements  
  • 4-digit blood alcohol level, type 0.000 ‰ 
  • with a deviation of only ± 0.005%, the measurements are fast, hygienic and accurate  
  • with the function of control and detection of attempts to deceive the measurements, the employee can no longer fake the alcohol test 
  • with air flow control function, which passes the alcohol test 
  • with control and warning function outside the normal operating temperature 
  • with detection sensor status check function 
  • with detection function of exceeding the maximum measurable blood alcohol level, 4,000 ‰  
  • measurements without mouthpiece, but also with hygienic mouthpiece, for more accurate values 
  • blood alcohol meter 
  • detection range between 0.000 ‰ - 4,000 ‰ 
  • illuminated LCD display with large characters, visible even in the dark 
  • Low power consumption, with a quality 1 alkaline battery, you can make over 1,000 measurements 
  • automatic shutdown 
  • ergonomic, simple and easy to use 
  • economically, with the cheapest consumables 
  • you have the certainty and the guarantee of the periodic calibration services with high-performance equipment, of qualified personnel, in compliance with all the norms and standards imposed by the manufacturer 
  • real extended warranty. 

! Important !

Although the device will take a breath sample Br.A.C. , after which it will convert the measured value, finally the alcoholtester CA20FP will directly display the concentration of pure alcohol in the blood B.A.C. universally agreed formula approved by National Institute of Metrologie,

ie 0.476 mg / L Br. A. C. pure alcohol in expired air  = 1 ‰ B.A.C. pure alcohol in the blood 

How to interpret the blood alcohol test results

The CA20FP alcohol test directly displays the blood alcohol level as a percentage ‰  B.A.C. 

0.00 ‰ - NEGATIVE TEST --- the employee has NOT consumed alcoholic beverages or the measured value is below the technical limit of sensor detection. 

between 0.00 - 0.50 ‰ --- POSITIVE TEST - the employee has consumed alcohol and is under the influence of alcoholic beverages !

between 0.50 - 4.00 ‰ --- POSITIVE TEST - the employee has consumed alcohol and is intoxicated !!!


The companies that have implemented the Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol Consumption at Workplace, provided in the Internal Regulations, the fact that, in case of detecting any employee violation of the Regulation, it will be possible to apply disciplinary and financial sanctions upon termination of the employment contract. Of course, each company acts in accordance with its own internal rules

Content of the CA20FP blood alcoholtester kit

1 CA20FP breathalyzer

2 individually packed toiletries

1 funnel plastic mouthpiece for passive testing

1 9V alkaline battery

1 user manual in Romanian and English

Up-to-date Calibration Certificate, valid for 1 year or 1,000 measurements

2-year warranty certificate 

All packaged into a sturdy and compartmentalized box. 

Optional accessories (can be purchased separately):

Individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces

Ni-MH 9V 250 mAh battery pack + 220V charger

Calibration and periodic verification services

Metrological calibration issued by I.N. of Metrology, Bucharest

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CA20FP Digital Alcohol Detector with or without Mouthpiece

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