The Portable Breath Alcohol Analyzer CA2010™  is the most advanced semiconductor breathalyzer in the Word.

Ideal for use in companies to detect employees who consume alcohol at the workplace. 

Why is it better the  CA2010™ breath alcohol detector than other devices?

1.     The cutting edge alcohol sensor technology - CA2010™ adopts a highly-selective semiconductor sensor (reactive to only alcohol substance) designed by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ). CA2010™ is an unique breath tester adopting this most sophisticated technology of sensor.

2.     Stable testing data - It allows you to get stable data for successive testing. 

3.     Dual light LCD display - It displays by 3 digits ( X , X X  %o BAC / BRAC) on LCD together with sound in each stage.

4.     Wide detection range - 0,00 ~ 4,000 %o BAC or 0,00 ~ 2,00 BRAC.

5.     Long-term stability - CA2010™ can analyze very precisely even after long time of uses.

6.     Flow check technology - Display “Err” in case that you don’t blow steadily and/or continuously for 3 - 5 seconds into the Mouthpiece

7.     Calibration check technology - This feature is to check periodically to ensure whether it is in good condition or needs for re-calibration.

8.     Short warm-up & response Time - After power on, less than 20sec. of warming up count up (000 to 100%) is needed to make it ready for testing. And, exhaling just for a few seconds will reach you to instantly read the testing numeric digits.

9.     Quick Recovery Time - The sensor of CA2010™ can be purged in 30seconds for another time of testing. You don’t need to be too patient to do consecutive testing.

10.   Easy calibration & longer sensor life time 3,000 times testing

11.   Power - 9V Alkaline/Ni-MH battery  (cigar Jack DC adapter NOT included)

12.   Sanitary Testing - CA2010™ includes 3pcs of mouthpiece for sanitary direct testing.

13.   Compact & light weight hand-held device

14.   Sophisticated and elegant design - CA2010™ is adopted with titanium colored glossy front panel & soft touch grip back panel

What the box contains

1 CA2010 digital alcohol detector 

3 hygienic mouthpieces 

1 9V alcaline battery 

1 durable and divided box 

1 user guide in english and romanian 

1 warranty certificate for 2 years 

1 up-to-date Calibration Certificate valid for one year or 1000 measurments. 

All in a durable black stylish fabric pouch and a personalized carton box. 

CA2010 digital alcohol detector products of south korea

Digital alcohol detector CA2010

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CA2010 Digital Alcohol Detector

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