• Single-use alcohol test

The glass single-use alcoholoscope tester is the oldest tool for detecting the presence of alcohol in the breath

Recommended for both personal use and companies to check employees if they have consumed alcohol at work

Widely used today by railway companies, security companies, companies in the field of machinery construction, mining companies, but also by the police.

They give you definite results on the content of pure alcohol in the exhaled air.

CONTRALCO alcohol testers produced in France differ from the rest of the alcohol testers  in quality, metrologically certified accuracy and high shelf life.

Contralco alcohol testers, the easiest way to take a blood alcohol test while driving or at work

NFX 20-702 alcohol testers with balloon and metrological certification are useful because:

  • each alcoholtester is individually packaged 
  • each alcohol test vial has its own measuring flask. It is even contraindicated to reuse the balloons, both for hygienic reasons and to influence the next test (in case of a positive test). 
  • each tester has the date of manufacture, batch and validity printed on it 
  • has instructions in Romanian, French / English on the correct way to use it 
  • Contralco ”Le Balloon” should NOT be cut with a metal file. Just press both ends and the seal perforates automatically. There is no possibility to cut yourself, as in the case of Romanian glass alcohol testers
  • a calibration line is marked on the glass tube, indicating the value at which the ampoule was calibrated. For example, 0.5 g / L, or 0.8 g / L, etc. Exceeding this mark indicates that the test subject has a blood alcohol level greater than the calibration value 
  • has a validity of up to 2 years 
  • the glass tube "etylotest le ballon Contralco" cannot be faked 
  • simple use in 3 steps: inflate the measuring balloon, attach the ampoule and discharge the air from the balloon, interpret the result 
  • the measuring balloon has a safety valve, which does not allow the air to come out of the balloon accidentally 
  • hygienic, practical and economical. 

How to use Contralco NFX 20-702 balloon alcohol vials:

  • open the package and remove the two parts: the alcohol test tube and the measuring balloon
  • inflate the measuring balloon in one breath (it's not hard, and a 4-year-old can do it) 
  • the balloon is provided with a safety valve which does not allow the accidental exit of the air collected from the balloon 
  • press both ends of the alcohol vial between your fingers until the seals are perforated 
  • insert the blue ampoule into the socket of the collection flask 
  • deflate the balloon by lightly pressing it (air will pass from the balloon through the tube) 
  • wait at least 2 minutes for the result to be interpreted 
  • if the alcohol test tube is sealed in vacuum bags, or by traditional methods, it retains its color for a long time. 

How you can interpret the result of the alcohol test

Take for example a vial calibrated at 0.5 g / L (0.5 grams of pure alcohol in a liter of blood). The vial tube contains yellow granules, which will turn green on contact with alcohol vapor. If the alcohol test tube remains yellow, it means that the person being tested has NOT consumed alcohol.

CASE 1.   IF THE VIAL REMAINED YELLOW = 0.00 g / L- NEGATIVE TEST - the employee / driver did NOT consume alcoholic beverages;

CASE 2.   IF THE VIAL HAS BEEN GREEN UP TO THE CALIBRATION LINE = up to 0.50 g / L - POSITIVE TEST - the employee / driver has consumed alcohol and is under the influence of alcohol;

CASE 3.   IF THE ALCOOLTEST VIAL HAS GREEN OVER THE CALIBRATION LINE = over 0.50 g / L - POSITIVE TEST - the employee / driver has consumed alcohol and is intoxicated!


Companies that have already implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy on Alcohol Consumption at Workplace, provide in the Internal Regulations, the fact that, in case of finding an employee who violated this REGULATION, disciplinary / pecuniary sanctions may be applied , going until the termination of the employment contract.

How are the products packaged?

1 disposable alcohol test ampoule; 

1 measuring balloon for collecting air; 

1 instructions for use in Romanian, on each test; 

All individually packaged. 

Each alcohol test vial shall bear the date of manufacture, the date of validity, the lot, the level of calibration and the instructions for use.

Also, each alcohol test tube can be used only once

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Single-use alcohol test

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