The CA20FS alcoholtester is easy to use, with 0 maintenance costs 

With the new CA20Fs alcoholtester with LED screen and electrochemical sensor you will perform blood alcohol tests hygienically and quickly. 

It is used successfully to determine the blood alcohol level in employees and to prevent work accidents caused by alcohol consumption. 

A Korean-made alcoholtester of the highest quality, which will certainly not disappoint your expectations.

The CA20FS breathalyser is more reliable and accurate compared to other brands of breathalyzer on the market.

Here are the reasons:

  • it has a state-of-the-art electrochemical sensor and increased accuracy 
  • with an increased reliability of the detection sensor, minimum 5,000 measurements 
  • with LED lighting display, large characters, visible and in the dark 
  • displays the result in three digits, type 0.00 ‰ 
  • do quick and hygienic blood alcohol tests 
  • provides accurate results with a deviation of only 0.05% 
  • with advanced functions for controlling and detecting attempts to deceive measurements 
    • The tested subject cannot "fool" the alcohol test CA20Fs !!! 
  • with health control function of the detection sensor 
  • with the function of controlling and limiting the usage of the alcohol test outside the recommended temperatures 
  • has a counter number of blood alcohol tests 
  • with a wide detection range between 0.00 - 4.00 ‰  and overtaking warning 
  • Low power consumption, with a quality alkaline battery you can make over 500 measurements 
  • ergonomic, simple and easy to use 
  • economical, with cheap consumables. 

How to use the CA20Fs alcoholtester

Attach a new sealed mouthpiece and turn on the breathalyzer.

While the countdown is running, instruct the subject to take a breathe in lungs and ...

When the READY message appears on the display, blow in the alcoholtester for 4 seconds until a beep-beeep-beep sound will hear.

The blood alcohol level will be displayed in a few seconds.

The tester will close automatically after 30 seconds.

Remove the mouthpiece and interpret the blood alcohol test result.

! Important!

Although the CA20Fs alcohol test takes a sample of respiratory air, it will display the concentration of pure alcohol in the blood, based on the universally agreed formula of Metrology, k = 2100, where k is the conversion factor between respiratory and blood alcohol level,

ie 0.476 mg / L pure alcohol in expired air = 1 ‰ pure alcohol in blood.

The alcohol test CA20Fs directly displays the value of blood alcohol content as a percentage ‰ .It is no longer necessary to multiply the value obtained by 2.1 as in the traffic police breathalyzers, which determine the concentration of pure alcohol in mg / L of the breathed air. 

Interpretation of the blood alcohol test

0.00 ‰ - NEGATIVE TEST --- the employee has NOT consumed alcoholic beverages or the measured value is below the technical limit of sensor detection.

between 0.00 - 0.50 ‰ - POSITIVE TEST --- the employee has consumed alcohol and is under the influence of alcohol !

between 0.50 - 4.00 ‰ - POSITIVE TEST --- the employee has consumed alcohol and is intoxicated !!!


The companies that have implemented the Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol Consumption at Work, have provided in the Internal Regulations, the fact that, in case of detecting any employee violation of the Regulation, disciplinary sanctions may be applied but also money, up to upon termination of the employment contract. Of course, each employer acts in accordance with its own internal rules

Contents of the CA20FS package 

1 CA20Fs breathalyser

3 individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces

1 9V alkaline battery

1 user manual in Romanian and English

Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year or 1,000 measurements

2-year warranty certificate

All packed in a compartmentalized box and resistant to shocks, vibrations, dust, etc.

Optional accessories (can be purchased separately):

Individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces

Ni-MH 9V 250 mAh battery pack + 220V charger

Metrological Calibration Certificate issued by B.R.M.L. - National Institute of Metrology, Bucharest

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CA20FS digital alcohol detector

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