• AlcoVisor MARS Digital breathalyser with printer

The MARS AlcoVisor ⚡ Breathalyser is the most affordable alcohol tester with printer in Romania. 

Cheapest Alcohol analyzer with printer on the market. Unbeatable price 

The MARS AlcoVisor digital breathalyzer with printer determines the blood alcohol level in seconds, the content of pure alcohol in the exhaled air, from a sample of air taken from the driver's breath.

High-performance alcoholtester; fast and stable results at consecutive measurements. 

Portable, reliable and robust digital alcohol test, compact and durable 

Accurate results, hygienic measurements with cheap alcohol test mouthpieces.  

The mouthpieces attach easily to the alcohol test and are the cheapest on the market. 

Blood alcohol tests are printed on paper immediately after or anytime later, the alcohol test having a memory for the last 100 measurements. 

The AlcoVisor MARS electronic alcohol tester connects to his printer via a USB data cable.

Who and where is the MARS AlcoVisor professional alcohol test used: 

* At companies for employee testing. A useful means of labor protection, for preventive purposes. 

Alcohol tests in companies are performed in order to prevent accidents at work, due to alcohol consumption. 

The employees of the company must have an impeccable conduct and must strictly observe the discipline of the workplace. 

Employees can be tested systematically or unexpectedly with the MARS alcohol test. 

The fields of activity with the highest risk of work accidents, caused by alcohol consumption, are those in industry (of any type), construction, transport, production, security and protection, equipment handling, but also other related fields; 

* The MARS AlcoVisor alcohol test can be used as a tool to control and highlight alcohol consumption while driving; 

* Also, the MARS AlcoVisor alcohol test is suitable for personal use, if you want to know your blood alcohol level (before getting behind the wheel and driving) and to be aware of the risks involved. 


How are blood alcohol tests done with a MARS digital alcohol test? 

Insert a new mouthpiece 

Start the alcohol test and wait

Blow in the alcohol test for 4-5 seconds

Read the mg / L result displayed on the screen

Interpret the blood alcohol test result.

Technical details alcohol test MARS AlcoVisor Bluetooth: 

memorizes the last 100 blood alcohol test values 

What does the MARS alcohol test box contain? 

1 digital alcohol test MARS BT AlcoVisor with cable connection to his printer and Bluetooth to your smartphone

1 protective case for tester  

5 individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces 

1 3.7V 400 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery, for more than 700 measurements or 6 hours of continuous operation 

1 alcoholtester charging cable 

1 printer with USB cable connection to alcoholtest 

1 black ribbon for printer 

1 printer battery 

1 data cable 

2 rolls of paper 

1 sturdy box for storage and transport 

1 Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year or 1,000 alcohol measurements 

1 Certificate and Warranty for 2 years 

1 user manual in Romanian. 

List of accessories for the MARS AlcoVisor professional alcohol test: 

Individually packaged alcohol test mouthpieces  

Metrological calibration issued by BRML-INM, Bucharest  

Non-contact funnel mouthpiece for passive testing, reusable 

Offset paper rolls for ribbon printers

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AlcoVisor MARS Digital breathalyser with printer

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