• AlcoVisor Mark-X
The AlcoVisor Mark-X breathalyzer is the right choice for those who want a high-performance breathalyzer at a competitive price 

High-performance ethyl test that will store the measured blood alcohol levels immediately after the alcohol test.  

A portable, reliable, compact, robust and easy-to-use professional breathalyzer. 

The AlcoVisor Mark-X breathalyzer tests quickly in hygienic conditions, giving precise results on the content of pure alcohol in the expired air. 

The mouthpieces attach easily and are long enough that the person being tested does not touch the breathalyzer or the operator's hand. 

The manufacturer has incorporated in them a high-performance electrochemical sensor of the best class. 

What makes the AlcoVisor Mark-X professional breathalyzer stand out? 

1. The detection sensor quality 

High precision electrochemical sensor, high sensitivity and selectivity  

Reliability and standard sensor life over 20,000 tests  

Working temperature between -10⁰C and + 50⁰C, compared to other brands, which cannot perform measurments below 0ºC !!! 

Very short reaction time, maximum 6 seconds at values ​​above 1 ‰ 

Excellent accuracy ± 0.005 mg / L 

2. The special quality of the constituent materials 

Made of durable and resistant materials 

Contour display with phosphorescent insert for better visibility at night 

Rubber buttons 

Coated holes for protection from dust and water splashes 

3. Multiple, useful and special functions 

Self-diagnostic function at each start, self-zero test 

Advanced sample analysis function taken by E.A.S.S. (Electronic Air Sampling System, automatically activated at the start of the test) 

Functions of control and detection of the attempt of fraud of the alcohol test, thus avoiding the “trick” of the breathalyzer by the tested subject 

Memory functions (16,000 records) and counting of blood alcohol tests 

Trimodal test functions: 

• STANDARD TEST - is blown through the disposable sanitary napkin, the result being a quantitative one, for example 0.357 mg / L pure alcohol in the expired air (quantitative alcohol test

• PASSIVE TEST - blows towards the “non-contact” funnel type mouthpiece, the result being only a highlight… YES or NO, “with” or “without alcohol” (qualitive test

• STANDARD TEST BY PRESSING THE BUTTON - it is blown through the disposable hygienic mouthpiece and during the blowing the button for sampling is pressed, the result being a quantitative one, e.g. 0.357 mg / L pure alcohol in expired air 

Other functions: automatic disconnection to save energy 

4. Superior technical characteristics 

Color LCD display of 50 mm x 38 mm, in large characters 

Four-digit results, type X, XXX 

Extended detection range between 0.000 mg / L - 4,000 mg / L or 0.000 ‰ - 8,000 ‰ with a pitch of 0.000 units with audible / visual warning when these thresholds are exceeded 

Low power consumption, with a set of 4 (good) AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries you can perform ~ 500 blood alcohol tests 

Simple and efficient menu 

Easy navigation in a minimalist menu 

Multiple possible settings: date, time, time and duration of blowing, auto-off, unit of measure, deletion of records, memory reset, password for breathalyzer - helps prevent its use by unauthorized persons, etc. 

Dimensions 150 mm x 70 mm x 35 mm 

Weight 170 g without batteries (breathalyzer only) 

The storage temperature can be between -20⁰C and + 70⁰C 

Relative air humidity Hmax. 95%, no condensation 

Connectivity via mini-USB port to your own printer 

Download recordings to PC using dedicated software and data cable (both included) 

Download and management software, compatible with any Windows operating systems 

Possibility to print the results with a quality thermal printer (printing kit, optional) 

Ergonomic, simple and easy to use 

What AlcoVisor Mark-X Alcohol Kit contains (SIMPLE KIT)  

1 professional breathalyzer ALCOVISOR MARK-X 

1 protective cover 

4 quality AAA alkaline batteries 

5 individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces 

1 plastic mouthpiece for passive testing 

1 software downloads records to PC compatibility with any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating system (MS Excell export, or direct print from the program, reports) 

1 data cable for breathalyzer connection to PC 

1 user manual in Romanian 

1 Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year or 1000 measurements 

1 2-year Warranty Certificate 

All packed in a compartmentalized and durable suitcase. 

However, you can also buy the AlcoVisor Mark-X Printer Complete EthylTest Kit, which contains, in addition to the above, the following: 

1 x fast, high-quality thermal printer  

2 x rolls of thermal paper  

1 x fast battery charger  

1 x 7.4V 2000 mAh Li-ion battery for mini printer  

1 x data cable for connecting the breathalyzer with your own printer or PC  

1 x 2-year warranty certificate for the printer.  

All packed in a large and resistant compartmentalized suitcase.  

List of accessories for the AlcoVisor MARK-X breathalyzer: 

- Disposable hygienic mouthpieces, individually packaged, for standard testing 

- Reusable funnel type mouthpiece, for passive tests, without mouthpiece 

- Set of 4 batteries + charger for breathalyzer 

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AlcoVisor Mark-X

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