• AlcoVisor JUPITER

AlcoVisor JUPITER breathalyzer ™ designed to quickly highlight the pure alcohol content of expired alveolar air. 

A well-known device in the field of alcohol determination technology 

Who uses the AlcoVisor JUPITER professional breathalyzer:  

Police, as a tool for determining the alcohol content of breath in drivers, 

OSH inspectors, as a tool for labor protection for workplace prevention purposes, where employees must rigorously comply with workplace discipline and internal security regulations. 

Used in ANY PLACE WHERE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IS PROHIBITED: Schools, hospitals, boarding schools, military units, naval navigation, air navigation, construction, transportation, production of any kind, security and protection, machinery handling, industry of any kind, etc. 

The state-of-the-art platinum electrochemical sensor with excellent selectivity will certainly determine the presence of alcohol vapors in the breath of the tested subject. 

Using this breathalyzer you are guaranteed the most accurate blood alcohol tests 

Why is AlcoVisor Jupiter better than any other brand?

has a 3.2 "color TFT touch screen with stylus pen included, 

has a built-in thermal printer, 

has GPS mode built-in with the geo-location written on the paper receipt, 

has internal memory for the last 65,000 blood alcohol tests (complete records with name, surname, date, time, location, etc.), 

has INTUITIVE menu in Romanian, full keyboard with multiple setting possibilities, 

can make determinations (blood alcohol tests) with or without a mouthpiece, 

offers measurements at extreme temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius, 

by charging the battery directly in the breathalyzer, 

with easy "Slide-and-Click" insertion system and "Easy-Eject" automatic removal of the used mouthpiece, without touching the mouthpiece, 

with the mouth of the mouthpiece illuminated for easy operation and in low light or dark conditions, 

benefit from a 2-year warranty or 50,000 measurements, 

and more. 

The second best performing breathalyzer and the most complete blood alcohol kit

The complete blood alcohol kit Alcovisor JUPITER has the following contents:

1 x professional breathalyzer ALCOVISOR JUPITER,

1 x protective case for breathalyzer,

1 x 7.4V Li-Ion battery, 2000 mAh

1 x battery charging station from the 220 V socket

1 x power cord for charging the breathalyzer directly from the car's cigarette lighter 12V,

20 x individually packaged sanitary napkins,

1 x funnel mouthpiece for passive testing,

1 x built-in thermal printer,

12 x rolls of thermal paper,

1 x USB data cable for breathalyzer connection to PC,

1 x dedicated #AlcoVisor software CD for download and test management (works on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 operating system),

1 x user manual in Romanian,

1 x 2-year warranty certificate or 50,000 measurements,

1 x Up-to-date Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year or 1000 measurements,

All packed in a solid, compartmented, sponge-lined, dust-resistant, moisture-resistant and hard-to-carry case.

Optional accessories (can be purchased separately): 

Rolls of thermal paper 

Individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces 

2,000mAh Li-Ion battery, 7.4V 

Periodic calibration services, prepaid 


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