• AlcoVisor BAC100
AlcoVisor BAC100 professional breathalyzer An affordable alcohol test kit at an affordable price 

The ALCOVISOR BAC100 professional breathalyzer is the first and few breathalyzer with a built-in printer and keyboard in the world.

A portable, robust and reliable breathalyzer. Simple to use and easy to maintain. The BAC100 breathalyzer tests quickly in conditions of maximum hygiene.

Alcovisor BAC100 breathalyzers provide accurate results of pure alcohol content in expired air. The American manufacturer has incorporated in them a high-performance electrochemical detection sensor of the best quality.

With the Alcovisor BAC100 breathalyzer you get fast blood alcohol tests.

Enter the subject information directly into the memory with the built-in keyboard and print immediately with the built-in printer or at any time thereafter.

The Alcovisor BAC100 ethyl test memorizes the last 10,000 measurements with complete information about the tested subject.

The following information will appear on the listed paper receipt (example):

AlcoVisor BAC-100

Device Series: 650999

Registration Number: 00009

Test Date: 21/04/2021

Test time: 02:23

Autozero test: 0.00 mg / L

Alcohol level:

0.114 mg / L

Subject Name:


Testing Place:


Vehicle number: 

B 55 MAN

Driver's License Number:


Operator Name:

Johny Walker


Road Police

Place for signatures

....................      .............................

How do you operate the breathalyzer recordings?

You can print the result on paper immediately after the blood alcohol test or at any time thereafter. 

You can download the recordings to your PC using a data cable and specialized #AlcoVisor software (both included). 

You can export all downloaded records to Excel spreadsheets for sure and from there print to any printer in your office.

The complete kit of the BAC100 professional breathalyzer contains:

1 ALCOVISOR BAC100 breathalyzer with printer and built-in keyboard

1 protective leather case for breathalyzer

1 fast battery charger

4 AA Ni-MH 2200 mAh batteries

8 rolls of thermal paper

20 individually packed toiletries

1 non-contact plastic mouthpiece for passive testing

1 data cable (RS-232) for downloading blood alcohol tests to PC

1 breathalyzer power cord from the car cigarette lighter

1 CD with dedicated software for downloading and managing blood alcohol tests

1 user manual in Romanian

1 2-year Warranty Certificate or 50,000 measurements

1 Calibration Certificate valid for 1 year or 1000 measurements

1 Evidence Table for Periodic Calibrations Performed (targeted annually or once per 1000 tests).

All packed in a massive compartmented suitcase, padded with sponge, resistant to rain, smoke, shocks, vibrations and transport in harsh conditions.

List of accessories compatible with the AlcoVisor BAC100 breathalyzer:

single use hygienic mouthpieces



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AlcoVisor BAC100

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