• AlcoVisor AlcoTorch V9 Breathalyser Thermometer Torch and Baton

Alcohol test thermometer signaling stick 

No-mouthpiece alcohol-test stick type AlcoVisor AlcoTorch V9 

Mouthpieceless alcohol tester with thermometer and signal stick 

Mouthpiece-free alcoholtester AlcoVisor AlcoTorch V9 Thermometer and Stick Signaling 

This device incorporates multiple devices into one:

1. Mouthpieceless alcohol tester for POSITIVE or NEGATIVE values

2. Non-contact thermometer

3. Light stick with flashing or continuous red light

4. Flashlight with white light


ALCOHOL TESTER - test your blood alcohol level.  If the blood alcohol level is higher than 0.00%, the light stick will turn red and warn you both visually and acoustically.

THERMOMETER - check the temperature. If the temperature of the tested subject is outside the normal range, the device will beep and flash.

SIGNAL STICK - direct traffic or stop in traffic with the help of the bright red stick (flashing or continuous light)

FLASHLIGHT - check documents or simply turn on the flashlight with continuous white light

Technical specifications:


Alcohol detection sensor - Electrochemical sensor

Temperature sensor - MLX90614-DCC

Distance sensor - VL53L1X

Test modes:

Automatic testing when a preset air volume is reached

Passive testing

Manual Testing at the touch of a button while the subject is blowing toward the device

Internal suction pump: Continuous suction pump

Operating temperature: -5 ° C to 50 ° C

Storage temperature: -30 ° C to 70 ° C

Dimensions: 305mm x 44mm x 44mm

Weight: 250 grams with battery included

Power source: Lithium battery 18,500 3.7V / 1,500mAh

Interval between two loads (lifetime): 6 hours of continuous operation and / or over 4,000 measurements

Memory: last 8,000 tests

Display: 1.3 "TFT LCD color display

Energy saving: Automatic switch-off after 5 minutes in alcohol test mode

Blood alcohol detection range: 0 - 2.0 ‰ BAC

ACCURACY for blood alcohol tests at a standard concentration of 0,40 ‰ BAC:

if you breathe in an alcohol test from a distance of 3 cm: ± 0.0500 ‰ BAC

if you breathe in an alcohol test from a distance of 6 cm: ± 0.0600 ‰ BAC

if you breathe in an alcohol test from a distance of 10 cm: ± 0.100 ‰ BAC

Human body temperature reading: from 2 to 5 cm

Measurement time: 1 second

ACCURACY for measuring body temperature: ± 0.2 ° C (between 35 ° C and 42 ° C)

1 year warranty

Contents of the kit:

1 multi-device stick type (alcohol-tester + thermometer + signaling stick + flashlight)

1 power supply from 220 V to 5 V with 2.0 A

1 power cord

1 hand-held drawstring

All in a compartmented suitcase, shocks and vibrations resistant.

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AlcoVisor AlcoTorch V9 Breathalyser Thermometer Torch and Baton

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