CA10FL digital alcohol tester and LCD display - the most affordable choice in determining blood alcohol 

Quick tool for determining blood alcohol level. It can be used both for professional purposes (to verify potential employees consuming alcohol) and for personal purposes (self-testing).

Recommended for companies with a small number of measurements (unexpected blood alcohol measurments), performed occasionally, but also for individuals to determine the blood alcohol level, before driving.


Companies that have already implemented a Zero Tolerance Policy for Alcohol Consumption at Workplace, provide in the Internal Regulations, the fact that, in case of finding an employee who violated this Regulation, disciplinary action may be applied but also pecuniary, going until the termination of the employment contract.

How are breath alcohol tests done?

  • Easy to use, insert a new sanitary mouthpiece into the device and start the breath alcohol test
  • Press the ON / OFF button. The alcohol tester will indicate “ON” and will start the countdown from 15-35 seconds to 0. This heating process prepares the detection sensor and the test circuits.
  • After the message "BLO" is displayed on the digital screen, accompanied by a "Beep" sound, blow into device until you hear the "Beep-Beep" sound. Blow continuously approx. 4 seconds, with the same intensity and do not stop blowing
  • After the calculation process (between 3 -22 seconds) the blood alcohol test result is displayed in 3-digit format (0.00 ‰) for 30 seconds. If the blood alcohol level has exceeded 0.50 ‰, the display will turn red “WARN” accompanied by an audible warning message.
  • After 30 seconds the alcohol test will stop automatically.

Interpretation of the breath alcohol test results:

  • 0.00 ‰ - NEGATIVE TEST - the employee has NOT consumed alcoholic beverages or the measured value is below the technical limit of sensor detection;
  • between 0.00 - 0.50 ‰ - POSITIVE TEST - the employee has consumed alcohol and is under the influence of alcoholic beverages;
  • between 0.50 - 4.00 ‰ - POSITIVE TEST - the employee has consumed alcohol and is intoxicated!

Very important !!!

The alcohol tester, although taking the breath air sample, will display the concentration of pure alcohol in the blood, based on the universally agreed formula of Metrology, ie 1 ‰ pure alcohol in the blood = 0.476 mg / L pure alcohol in the expired air and viceversa or  BrAC x 2,1 = BAC

Strengths of the CA10FL alcohol tester

  • LCD display with large characters visible well in the dark too
  • selective electrochemical sensor
  • ready for testing in a few moments
  • short response time
  • short interval between two consecutive tests
  • good accuracy
  • almost non-existent maintenance costs (cheap bites)
  • intelligent functions (no airflow detection, calibration reminder, unsuitable temperature detection for testing, low battery warning)
  • automatic shutdown to save energy

How does the HAN-CA10FL breathalyzer work?

  • The air sample is directed to the electrochemical sensor with two platinum electrodes, where the alcohol vapor oxidizes and generates an electric current. By accurately measuring the current generated, the HAN-CA10FL alcohol test will display the alcohol concentration in the exhaled air.

Advantages of the electrochemical sensor in the CA10FS alcohol test

  • The electrochemical sensor in the HAN-CA10FL alcohol test is a selective one and reacts only to alcohol-containing gases. The detection sensor will NOT be affected by gases such as acetone, ketone or other substances that can be found in human respiration. Also, the alcohol test will not give false-positive results for people who suffer from diabetes or have a low carbohydrate diet.
  • The HAN-CA10FL alcohol test provides accurate results in a wide detection range, up to ,00 4.00. It also has an important ambient temperature detection function to help you use it within normal temperature limits.
  • The electrochemical cell detection sensor (electrochemical sensor) is the latest invention in the non-invasive determination of blood alcohol. Made to be more stable and accurate than an alcohol semiconductor sensor, the electrochemical sensor is the gold standard in determining blood alcohol level. Thanks to the high quality innovative construction materials used in the production process, their service life has been significantly extended, the interval between two calibrations has been extended. A rare calibration and almost no service requirement significantly reduce the long-term maintenance costs of the device.

However, not all electrochemical sensors on the market are the same.

They are differentiated by QUALITY, RELIABILITY and ACCURACY: the quality of the constituent materials, the number of blood alcohol tests they "resist", the accuracy of the measurements. Cheap alcohol tests ("low-cost alcohol tests"), but with an electrochemical sensor, will certainly not have the same accuracy and reliability as premium ("semi-professional") alcohol tests.

    The difference between low-cost alcohol testers and semi-professional alcohol testers

    While low-cost alcohol tests will do a maximum of 500 (indulgently) blood alcohol tests (after which they are discarded because the cost of replacing the detection sensor is usually higher than the cost of a new alcohol test), the semi- professionals will withstand more than 3,000 to 5,000 blood alcohol tests.

    As a comparison, the detection sensors in professional breathalyzers, AlcoVisor brand, are designed to withstand at least 20,000 - 50,000 blood alcohol tests! In addition, cheap breathalyzers have a lower accuracy class. They will never measure correctly, even if they are new. the confidence given to these types of devices is equivalent to the confidence given to a wolf that he will not eat the sheep!

    What the CA10FL breath alcohol tester kit contains:

    1 CA10FL breathalyzer

    3 hygienic mouthpieces individually wrapped

    2 AAA alkaline batteries

    1 user manual in romanian and english

    1 warranty certificate valid for 2 years

    1 up-to-date calibration certificate, valid for 1 year or 500 measurements

    Optional accessories (purchased separately):

    Pack of 100 pcs. individually packaged sanitary mouthpieces

    Pack of 4 batteries 1.5V Ni-MH 1100 mAh + 220V charger

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