• AlcoVisor MERCURY with printer

Professional breathalyser ALCOVISOR MERCURY ™ designed to quickly highlight the pure alcohol content of expired alveolar air. 

Print blood alcohol tests immediately after measurement or anytime thereafter  

Blood alcohol tests are stored in the device and can be downloaded to the PC using dedicated software included in the price.  

A portable, robust, compact and easy-to-use touchscreen breathalyser 

The state-of-the-art electrochemical sensor is extremely sensitive to the presence of alcohol vapors in the breath of the tested subject. 

By using this breathalyzer you are guaranteed accurate and fast results.  

It is the right choice for those who want a high-performance and accurate breathalyser 

Main tehnical reasons to buy the AlcoVisor Mercury blood alcohol kit: 

the breathalyser has a 2.4 "color TFT touch screen with built-in stylus pen 

the breathalyzer can memorize the last 10,000 measurments with complete data: subject name / surname, date / time, unique test number, blood alcohol level, operator name, location, witnesses, etc. 

rich intuitive and simple menu, full keyboard, with the possibility of multiple settings 

result displayed in 4 characters, e.g. 0.000 mg / L 

blood alcohol tests with or without hygienic mouthpiece 

easy "Slide 'n Click" mouthpiece and "Easy-Eject" techology for ejecting the mouttpiece no hand contact 

illuminated mouthpiece saddle for easily attach in the dark 

thermal printer with wireless connection via Bluetooth to breathalyzer 

downloading records directly to the PC using a dedicated management software 

export blood alcohol test records to MS Office Excell databases, and printout in the office on any printer.

How to do an alcoholtest: 

1. Start the AlcoVisor MERCURY breathalyzer device 

2. Select the test mode by clicking on the corresponding icon on the display: 

A. PASSIVE without mouthpiece >>> Qualitative Results, type YES / NO, With or Without alcohol

A1. Attach the non-contact funnel type mouthpiece to the breathalyzer

A2. Ask the subject to blow towards funnel mouthpiece 

A3. After the sample is complete, the breathalyzer will display one of the two messages "Alcohol Detected" or "No Alcohol"

A4. Repeat steps A2-A3 to take a new test 

A5. Remove the non-contact mouthpiece. 

B. STANDARD with disposable mouthpiece >>> Quantitative results, type 0.476 mg / L pure alcohol in expired air 

B1. If the keyboard is activated, enter the required data of the subject undergoing the blood alcohol test 

B2. Ask the subject to open a new hygienic mouthpiece and attach it to the breathalyzer 

B3. Instruct the test person to take a lot of air into the lungs and breathe in the breathalyzer for approx. 5 seconds 

B4. If the sample is complete, the blood alcohol level will be shown immediately on the display 

B5. Press the printer icon on the display and the blood alcohol test result will print immediately (the printer must be turned on beforehand


All breathalyzer tests performed in standard mode will be stored and can be printed at any time later but can also be downloaded to the PC and then exported to tables, then printed to any desktop printer. 

B6. Repeat steps B1-B5 for a new blood alcohol test 

B7. Remove the mouthpiece, then turn off the breathalyzer and the printer. 

3. Place all accessories back in the breathalyzer case. 

The complete Alcovisor Mercury blood alcohol kit contains:

1 professional breathalyzer ALCOVISOR MERCURY ™ 

1 protective case for breathalyzer 

4 alkaline batteries type AA 1.5 V for breathalyzer 

5 individually packaged hygienic mouthpieces 

1 plastic mouthpiece for passive testing 

1 wireless mini thermal printer with data transfer via Bluetooth technology 

Li-ion battery 7.4 V 2000 mAh for printer 

1 Li-Ion battery charger (220V socket) 

2 rolls of thermal paper 

1 USB data cable for connection breathalyzer to PC 

1 CD with download & record management software 

1 user manual 

1 2-year warranty certificate 

1 up-to-date calibration certificate valid for 1 year or 1000 measurements. 

All packed in a solid case, compartmentalized, upholstered with sponge, resistant to dust, moisture and transport in harsh conditions. 

List of accessories for the AlcoVisor MERCURY professional breathalyzer:

- disposable sanitary mouthpieces, individually packaged for standard testing and obtaining quantitative blood alcohol results (eg 0.476 mg pure alcohol in expired air) 

- reusable funnel-type mouthpiece for passive testing and obtaining qualitative blood alcohol results 

- set of 4 AA 2700 mAh 1.2V rechargeable batteries for breathalyzer 

- thermal paper rolls for the AlcoVisor WPT-2R thermal printer 

- calibration services and periodic maintenance of breathalyzer and issuance of a Calibration Certificate 

- Metrological Calibration Certificate, issued by Romanian National Institute of Metrology, Bucharest 

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AlcoVisor MERCURY with printer

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