AlcoVisor Interlock X2
Descriere tehnica Etilometru Alcovisor Interlock X2
Temperature and humidity: Human temperature and humidity are both measured by proper sensors to prevent circumvention.
Simple calibration: One alcohol sample is delivered to the unit, from which the device auto calibrates, eliminating the need for the service center to manually adjust device calibration.
Voice indicator: Several events are indicated by computer voice, like the rolling test.
On-board data logger: A computer records every interaction a driver has with the vehicle. Recorded interactions include activity, time, date and BrAC level. The computer can store more than 8,000 (can be upgrade) separate events and display the content in a summary or detailed format.
Meeting minder: A service calendar that uses audio and visual reminders to count the days between required scheduled appointments. If the driver misses his/her appointment, the service calendar disables the interlock device, preventing the car from starting.
Circumvention record: If the interlock device detects a bypass, or detects a failed rolling retest, the logger will record all events.
Rolling retest: A test taken prior to the initial breath test. The is the device's primary defense against circumvention. The test can be set to occur at fixed or random intervals. If a driver fails the test, the circumvention alarm will sound.
Bypass detection: An instrument that detects whether the vehicle is running. If a car is running, but the driver has not yet taken a breath test, the circumvention alarm will sound. The interlock device then enters a lockout state for a predetermined period.
Power interrupt: A record of when the vehicle's power has been disconnected or interrupted. This may occur if the driver tampers with the battery, repairs the battery, or replaces the battery. Driver are required to provide documentation of repairs.
Violations reset: A function that contains features from the Data Logger and the Memo Minder. If the device detects a violation from one of these features, it will automatically reset the Memo Minder, requiring the driver to come in for early service.
Emergency restart: In case of a vehicle stall, this feature allows the vehicle an emergency restart within several minutes of shutdown.
Infrared/Rs232/USB data transfer: Support infrared, RS232, and USB download data and reports
Certifications: CE, etc
Etilometru Alcovisor Interlock X2

Alcovisor Interlock X2

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Etilotest INTERLOCK-X2

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